donderdag, maart 11, 2004


Naar aanleiding van een bepaalde thread op het Shrimp forum wou ik jullie deze links niet onthouden:

An A to Z of BELGIUM

Een kleine bloemlezing:

Crime Actually Belgium is a pretty safe country where most of the crime takes place at enormously high levels and involves horrifyingly large scale corruption and swindling, all of which leaves the citizens on the street less well-off but otherwise fairly unharmed. Strangely however the following is not a crime: the process of taking into one's possession a bicycle that is actually owned by a known or unknown person other than oneself.

Language classes A large and well attended dating agency. All sexually mature unmarried Belgians participate in at least one language class.

Student A youthful cyclist who spends a maximum of four nights a week living in a small cupboard, dining from plastic boxes labelled with the days of the week in their mother's handwriting, spends Thursday night whooping it up and drinking lots of pintjes, and Friday catching the train home armed with a series of empty tupperware boxes and a huge duffel bag of dirty laundry. Repeat from Monday.

Expatica is een forum voor Engelstaligen woonachtig in Belgi�

Uit de thread "Flemish versus Walloon television":
"Perhaps the least thrilling 20 minutes of smallscreen filler I've ever seen -- UK party political broadcasts and queen's speeches not included -- was a gameshow called 'Blokker' (?) hosted by Ben Crabb�. The presenter spends the entire time adjusting his stance so the studio lighting doesn't bounce off his bald pate into camera. He then proceeds to asks p*ss-easy questions to gormless dolts who all look like they've been press-ganged from under cardboard at Midi-Zuid. If they get a question right (which they only do when the question's about the peripeteia of a recent episode of 'Thuis' or 'Flikken') they get to play Tetris to score points. At this point the camera zooms in on the Tetris screen. In a futile attempt to inject some semblance of drama into such no-pulse-detectable intellectual combat, the canned audience is electrocuted into a chorus of 'oohs' and 'aahs' just as Tetris's familiar oblongs, L- and T-shapes are rotated, shuffled and slotted into place by perspiring contestants.

Can Walloon telly be worse than this?"


"My issue with StuBru is that it purports to be 'hip and happening' but actually churns out predictable US-oriented jockrock to audio hobbyists. StuBru peddles a very suburban, MTV kind of 'alternative' with the same, MTV-veejay 'hey, you guys!' use of English slang. Their 'access all areas' coverage of the festivals is truly dire.

Oh my got!

Some shows on local radio (scorpio, reflex) are cool, though, and even 'Radio Een' has its moments.

Donna is truly terrible - what demons must play to sinners in hell through red-hot headphones. GIs could have played Donna when they flushed Noriega out of Panama. De fun, de hits, de off-switch!"

Zeker eens een leesbeurt waard indien je niet weet waarheen te surfen uit ververling