zondag, januari 18, 2004

Fo' shizzle: Generic rap song!

In de categorie "best wel grappig" een filmpje/liedje van P-Unit waarbij enkele bekende namen uit het commerci�le hiphop-circuit op sublieme wijze geparodieerd worden. Mensen die me trouwens het telefoonnummer kunnen bezorgen van de J Lo stand-in kunnen op verscheidene pinten mijnentwege rekenen :)

Hier vind je het filmpje...kleine waarschuwing voor de smallbanders (of soon to be ~): het filmpje is zo'n 57 MB groot.

De tekst die bij dit alles hoort is de volgende:

P-P-P... P-P-P... P-Unit!

DJ Clue (all with echo):
DJ Clue!
Same Old Shit!
Black Dude Yellin�!

It�s bad boy�2003
English 231, Nate D., Robert J. Moore
This is history, baby

Ja Rule:
Where would I be without my gravy?
Say anything, just pay me
My rap style�s so lazy
So all the good rappers hate me
Every syllable I speak is boring as ever
No-thin but bull, don�t know how to be clever
And for that I will always be horrible
Theme, lyrics and tone�ain�t no skill in me, baby!

50 Cent:
If I didn�t have Dre�s beats would you still love me?
If it wasn�t for Eminem, who would this thug be?
If I ain�t have bullet scars would I still be on MTV?
Don�t tell no one, but one of em is from my appendectomy
Answer these questions, world, that�s why they�re written
I love you like a black dude love fried chicken
See my success�does it make you sickened?
Hope not, cause a new single hits this weekend

Hook: J-Lo (2x):
The after party�s goin� strong
You and me, we can get it on
Mr. DJ Play that song
Play that generic rap song

Lil� Romeo:
Listen up girls, I�m the youngest player
Bling�d up, but still waitin for my pubic ha-ir
Exploited like an oilfield in West Iraq
I�ll be broke when I�m 20, and hooked on crack
Only got this big �cause my dad�s Master P
I feel sorry for my pops, he got less skills than me
Peace out though, yo, I�d best be packin�
Got a sleepover later down at Michael Jackson�s

Sean Paul:
Don�t tell anybody see buddy you listen and think I�m Jamaican, right?
But if you look at my body you�ll notice my skin is actually white
Although all my lyrics are so incoherent I make em sound really tight
Follow my writing and Princeton should give you an english degree or certific-ite
You know that these words are a bitch to decipher even if its amplified
I�mma twist my tongue and your brain like footsies be tripped on slip and slide
If grammar is God than I gotta be Satan, the devil personified
Cause I never enunciate� Girl

Hook (2x)

I know you like the way I'm sayin right thurr (right thurr)
And how it got me to be a millionurr (millionurr)
Yo my accent is fake but I don't curr (I don't curr)
Cause I got 20 carats up in my urr (in my urr)
I'm from that STL you best bewurr (best bewurr)
I'm wurrin' Urr Force Ones I got two purr (got two purr)
All you people that hate me now don't dispurr (don't dispurr)
Cause I'll be gone off the charts in one yurr (one yurr)

D-M-X and my dogs biteMy� dogs Bite� rightI can�t� write�but I�m stuck in this rap shit Let em know� I�mma live the thug life� from my mansion Actin like we owe em something Then we show em somethingI think I musta... left my talent back at home or somethinYou got me pumpin�, there ain�t nothin� stopin me.I sound like you fed the cookie monster broccoli

Hook (3x)

P. Diddy:
It's Bad Boy, baby!

Fo shizzle dizzle
P-Yizzle�s in the hizzle
Wit the Snoopy D-o-double-gizzle
I�m addin izzles to wizzes all dizzle� so they don�t have to rhyzzle
Buy my �Girls Gone Wizzle� Vizzle� it�s the shizzle

P. Diddy:
Bad Boy!