maandag, april 19, 2004

Albums to be heard (1)

Groep/Artiest: Interpol
Album: Turn on the bright lights
Released: augustus 2002
AMG Score: 4.5/5
PFM Score: 9.5/10

1. Untitled
I will surprise you sometime, I'll come around

2. Obstacle 1 (video)
She puts the weights into my little heart,
And she gets in my room and she takes it apart.

3. NYC (video)
I had seven faces
Thought I knew which one to wear
But I'm sick of spending these lonely nights
Training myself not to care

4. PDA (video)
But you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear
Yeah, you're so cute when you're sedated, oh dear

5. Say hello to the angels
When I'm feeling lazy, it's probably because,
I'm saving all my energy to pick up when you move into my airspace
You move into my airspace

And something's coming over me, I see you in the doorway
I can't control the part of me that swells up when you move into my airspace
You move into my airspace

6. Hands away
Oh, what happened?

7. Obstacle 2
I feel like love is in the kitchen with a culinary eye
I think he's making something special
And I'm smart enough to try
If you don't trust yourself for at least one minute each day,
Well you should trust in this, girl, cuz loving is coming our way.

8. Stella was a diver and she was always down
There's something that's invisible,
There's some things you can't hide,
Try detect you when I'm sleeping,
In a wave you say goodbye...

9. Roland
Oh look, it stopped snowing

10. The new
But I can't pretend
I don't need to defend
some part of me from you
I know I've spent some time lying

11. Leif Erikson
It's like learning a new language
Helps me catch up on my mime
If you don't bring up those lonely parts
This could be a good time
You come here to me.
We'll pick up those lonely parts and set them down
You come here to me...

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