dinsdag, juli 27, 2004

A Rollins on the wry

- I had done this long tour with the band, made a record and then struck out by myself going across the continent doing talking shows and I ended up in Zurich, Switzerland, with like no money and a plane ticket and I had to rely on our band promotor, a guy named Rob, a Dutch guy, who put together this thoroughly horrible indie tour...we all starved to death. And some of you've been on the road in those kind of bad tours, we have a great time but it's kind of like an avant-garde camping trip where you, every day you starve but you have a great time and you come back "that was the best man!" and ten years later you're like "yeah man, those were the days, you know, when the shit was real". When everyone leaves the room you go "what a piece of shit that tour was". Business class fucking rocks but when everybody asks, "no man, I rather sleep on the floor man...keeping it real." -

Henry Rollins doet het niet slecht als spoken-word performer.

En dan nog een boodschap van algemeen nut waarop men mij niet te vaak zal betrappen: kijk vrijdagavond naar VTM! Om 21u zenden ze immers de briljante tragikomedie Man on the Moon uit waarin Jim Carrey de rol van zijn leven neerzet als Andy Kaufman. Quality time bij de rood-geel-groenen...profiteer ervan terwijl je kan!

*edit* Speciaal voor inK.:
- As Susan's best friend I am to you a bit like Australia.
- Australia?
- Very distant, largely uninhabitable and with areas of great danger.
- Oh right, I see. I thought it was about having a lot of convicts.
- I was trying to say, Steve, that there are very few areas of me where you can go in safety.
- Good, very delicate way of putting of it. You mean I can visit your Sydney or your Melbourne but I'm not welcome in your Bush.
Coupling, vanavond 23u10, Canvas

#101 - Mononoke-hime
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Stoned & dethroned
A.F.I. - Sing the sorrow
Killing Joke - Love like blood (L)
Bad Religion - Broken (L)