zaterdag, juli 26, 2003


Today I'm having a special's not that special really except for the fact that it's in English. I promised my old teammates from oAo to make a post that they would understand...and since I'm unable to speak Slovenian and the Slovenian are unable to understand French (although you never know, Crappy has special powers) this post is in English.

I started playing DoD again for the first time in weeks this week after viewing the movie made by Yeah. It's not that his movie is uberleet but it has some nice kills and I was dying to get some nice kills myself too ;) Anyway, it took me some minutes before hitting anything head on but after that things became better again. But don't get your hopes up too high...I'm still staying with my decision to quit playing online on a regular base. Things are more relaxed now the way they are (not mentioning the school work). But I still love you all so maybe that one day in the future when oAo is back on track I play along now and then (or maybe with lover...who knows).

To please Yh: my team member Yeah has made a short movie with some nice sniper kills from oAo wars. It's 56.9 Mb big and you can find it here .