vrijdag, augustus 27, 2004

This sucks!

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Hello everyone, those of you who have not forgotten us even though it's been three very long years since we released anything, to which I am entirely to blame.

This hasn't been an easy year for us, it has been full of its trials, and making this record has not been the least of them. The relief I felt upon finishing it was indescribable, it felt as if a large iron fist had been lifted from my chest and lowered slightly to my lower abdomen, where it remains to this day.

Anyway, to those of you who are eagerly expecting our record, I am sorry to disappoint you but our label wants us to wait until January to release it. I know, this is abominable news, especially since we worked so hard all year to get it out in time. But there are three reasons they have for this – U2, No Doubt, and Eminem. All three are putting out records in October, and they don't want to have to dust ours under the rug. This happens in the industry sometimes. There are other reasons, such as we don't wash our hair and we need to take promo pictures.

We have truncated our tour plans for the fall only slightly, however. We still plan to tour the US and the UK, and even pre-release a single, if you really want us to. It will most likely be the title track of the LP and a couple other things. So in the end, it's only a couple months longer and then hopefully all hell will break loose.

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