woensdag, september 06, 2006


If you haven't heard this band yet, then you should really know that the rock needs to be tilted slightly upward in order to allow light in. Simply the most hyped Brit band to emerge in ages, behind the fastest-selling UK debut record ever, MySpace, NME cumshot, etc. etc. The fact that it's nothing more or less than a raw, enjoyable indie-rock record made by some lads who'd need a parent to buy them drinks in the states seems to have eluded the majority of critics and listeners. They're either the greatest or worst thing ever to those who feel the need to trumpet their opinions like they were Miles Davis with a fucking blog.

Niets zo leuk aan de Mercury Prize als de jaarlijkse Stylus-pronostiek.
En wie maakt het wat uit dat ze ernaast zaten?