maandag, september 19, 2005

How wonderful, patience

Maandag 14 november
Explosions in the Sky
Botanique, Brussel

Becoming known with an insane quickness due to their reputation for scathingly intense live performance and a quickly sold-out CD-R demo, Explosions in the Sky are becoming touted as the next phenomenon in moody and dynamic instrumental indie rock, à la Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor! This quartet of Texas kids was signed for its first release on Temporary Residence Limited after half a listen to their demo, which was submitted by the American Analog Set with a brief note saying "This totally f****** destroys." From that, they released their first six-song album Those Who Tell the Truth in the latter half of 2001.

To get you in the mood:
Greet death
Your hand in mine (with strings)

EITS live (13)